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Traditional Cures for Domestic animals.

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About us and our products

Personal note:

Bob Grass products were put on the market over 60 years ago.As a dog and pet lover I know that they are REALLY GOOD and will help faithful pets and valued dogs even when all else has failed.

Magazine extract from Dogs Today:

When Casey a West Highland Terrier developed skin problems owner Wendy Matthews became frantic.11 year old Casey developed red sores on his stomach, which itched and inflamed the area.For 2 months Casey travelled to and from the vets and tried a multitude of treatments and tablets, all to no avail. Casey began to lose weight and stop eating.

Finally after 3 months Casey saw a skin specialist who diagnosed sarcoptic mange. At this time Casey had no fur and had ripped flesh from his side and legs.He was prescribed a sponge on treatment as the only licensed product for this disease. With this treatment Casey would have to be soaked and left out - not very practical for an old dog suffering from arthritis.Wendy became very disheartened and was willing to try anything.

One of Dogs Today breed advisors recommended an old herbal remedy made up by a company called Bob Grass. Wendy tried the skincure and No.19 White dog blood tablets on Casey to help his mange.Within 36 hours Casey showed an improvement and his constant scratching slowed down.After 10 days Wendy bathed him with Bob Grass shampoo and was delighted when Casey developed a healthy sheen.

Best of all his itching ceased and he no longer suffers raw and broken skin.

"I am normally very cynical" says Wendy "but I was amazed at the results, it really does what it says it will.